UPHA Chapter 16 Pro-Am Class 2023

Once again we are excited to offer the UPHA Chapter 16 Pro/Am Fundraiser Class at our Gasparilla Charity Horse Show! This super fun and worthy class will be offered as the last class on Friday, March 10th in the evening session. This is an exhibition class and is non-USEF rated.

Ann Quick & Kylie Cordova

mckenzie wunderle & sophia besch with white jacket

tyler parker & alex liebschen

maria gilman & emma phelan with nuttin simple

lonna carter & sarah johnson with kentucky grand

maria claudio & caitlin ferkile with cheekie vision (for sale)

tim roesink & michelle ganci

tom johnson & ashley zimmerman with the cat in the hat

sarah russell & tracy garcia with wanderlust

krystle lee & kailey morgan with highland’s java jo

emily candelaria & lizzie magardino with shade anthony

Denessa Harper & Candi Aversenti with Famous In Vegas

selvin torrez & annie morgan-flynt with catch the moon gch