A Premium Video gives your horse star power.

A professionally edited video highlights the most important attributes and helps to develop brand recognition for your horse.


Here’s how it works:

  • You supply your video footage and still photography.
  • If you need full production, we can supply an estimate for setting up and producing a hi-res video shoot at your farm or other designated location.
  • Select from a list of suggested opener styles, edit styles and music.
  • If desired, select an optional professional voice-over narration.
  • Supply important points to create graphic titles and/or a script for the narrator to read.
  • Or, we can write your script for you!
  • Throughout the process, you will receive periodic “rough cuts” for approval.
  • Your final video will be sent to you on DVD, along with a link for optional file download or embedding to your website.

A Premium Video is perfect for:

  • Stallion promotion
  • Upgrading your listing on Morganshowcase.com or other online sales site
  • Horse promotion or sale
  • Farm promotion or sale video
  • Training or Lesson program promotion
  • In Memoriam
  • Client gifts
  • Keepsakes
  • Historical record
  • Viewing Parties

To get started, contact us.


Q: How much does a Premium Video package cost?

A: Your Premium Video package is surprisingly affordable! After contacting us and making your selections, we’ll send you an estimate for approval. A full production shoot will include additional charges, which will be estimated according to production requirements.

Q: How good does my video footage need to be?

A: In a perfect world, your supplied footage would be professionally shot, using a late model digital video camera. However, even amateur video footage can be enhanced and corrected using our software. And today’s consumer-level devices can get some amazing footage. Just keep in mind that your end product will only be as good as we can make your footage look. We also generally request video footage to be in hi-definition 1080p, although we can accept lower resolution footage. Your video will be produced in the highest maximum resolution possible.

Q: How long can my video be?

A: Your video can be up to three minutes long, or longer by custom order. But a better question might be, how long does your video need to be? Run time does not always equate to quality. Unless your video is a demonstration or a documentary, 60-90 seconds is really all you need to create a powerful story that presents the best of your horse. Get free consultation when you contact us.

Q: Is a Premium Video only for horses?

A: Absolutely not! A Premium Video can be created for farm promotion or sale video, equine product or service video, even videos for non-equine related subjects. Our experience is in creating advertising for big consumer brands like Budweiser and McDonald’s, so there’s nothing we can’t do for you. Just ask.